Book Review: Happy New Year by Malin Stehn


Set to be published on 24th November, Happy New Year by Malin Stehn is set on New Year’s Eve, the best night of the year, as old friends the Wiksells and the Anderssons raise their glasses, and their teenage children host their own party across town, finally free to let loose. But the next morning, seventeen-year-old Jennifer Wiksell is missing. The hours tick by. The police get involved. And no one knows who to trust. These two families have a lot to hide. Could the answer to Jennifer’s disappearance lie close to home?


Thank you to Penguin for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A fast-paced and character-driven mystery, Happy New Year is an easy-to-enjoy thriller with plenty of twists.

Although it’s written by a Swedish author, this is a much easier thriller to read than the typical Scandi noirs. It’s not very dark, although the twists are quite shocking, and the story never feels slow, despite little happening in its 400 pages.

But the characters constantly have you engrossed in the story, and it’s so interesting to see the dynamics begin to break between relationships as everyone comes under suspicion.

I couldn’t predict who was behind the murder, but at the same time, I wish the mystery had more of an impact. Although you know it could have been anyone, there’s never enough reason to suspect someone more strongly, so the whodunnit aspect does feel a little weak.

But as Malin’s debut in adult fiction, Happy New Year shows strong potential. I’ll definitely be reading what she writes next!


Happy New Year by Malin Stehn
Release Date: 24th November 2022
Print Length: 413 pages
Genre: Psycological Thriller
Publisher: Penguin

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