Book Review: Ready Or Not by Alex Lake

“A happy family…
A murderer lurking in the shadows…
Not everyone will live to tell the tale.”

Published in 2021, Ready Or Not by Alex Lake follows Alice and Tom Sark who seem to have it all – a wonderful marriage, a gorgeous baby, a beautiful home. And now Alice, a journalist, starts investigating a story which could make her career – a serial killer in their town.

Very quickly though, the murder case takes its toll. Alice and Tom begin fighting all the time. Their baby daughter just won’t stop crying. And sometimes, it feels almost as if they’re being followed. The killer has found a new family to target. And the clock is ticking for Alice and Tom to stop their worlds being destroyed forever.


A gripping thriller which kept me guessing throughout, Ready Or Not is definitely a thriller that I was not READY for. Full of suspense, the twists were completely unexpected, and each took me by surprise.

However, there is so much talk about harming babies that I really couldn’t get passed this. It’s one thing I hate reading about in stories, and it happened too often for me to blank out such comments, so this did alter my opinion somewhat.

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