Book Review: How To Sell A Haunted House by Grady Hendrix

“Every childhood home is haunted, and each of us are possessed by our parents.”

Set to be published on 17th January, How To Sell A Haunted House by Grady Hendrix follows estranged siblings Louise and Mark who are brought together after the death of their parents. Louise dreads going home. She doesn’t want to deal with her family home, stuffed to the rafters with the remnants of her father’s academic career and her mother’s lifelong obsession with puppets and dolls.

Mostly, she doesn’t want to deal with her brother who never left their hometown, gets fired from one job after another, and resents her success. But she’ll need his help to get the house ready for sale because it’ll take more than some new paint on the walls and clearing out a lifetime of memories to get this place on the market.

Some houses don’t want to be sold, and their home has other plans for both of them…


Thank you to NetGalley for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve always wanted to read a book by Grady Hendrix, so I jumped at the chance to read his latest on NetGalley. However, I do now wish that I had read something else by him beforehand, as I think this would have better prepared me for what was to come!

How To Sell A Haunted House is bonkers. Just like the riot of a House of Horrors ride, it fills you with fear, dulls in places, and then you are hit with the most bizarre twists and turns, as you exit the building in complete bewilderment, manically laughing with nerves.

The story is as you would expect it to be for the first 40% with family confrontations, emotional memories, and strange goings-on in an already creepy house. And then things go really go off the rails.

I was expecting a haunted house, but I wasn’t expecting what haunted it. It’s creepy, it’s adrenaline-pumping, and it’s sure to give many readers heart palpitations. But while I like scary, I just found this far too crazy. I think it’s supposed to make you laugh with how chaotic it is, but that’s just left me not knowing what to think.

I don’t know if I loved this or hated it. My mind is frazzled, but I think that’s a good thing. To come away from a horror underwhelmed would be the worst outcome, so to come away from it absolutely gobsmacked, I think I have to appreciate it for that!

I really don’t know if people are going to love this or hate it, but I can’t wait to see others’ reactions!


How To Sell A Haunted House by Grady Hendrix
Release Date: 17th January 2023
Print Length: 400 pages
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Titan Books


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