Book Review: The Haunting Season by Various Authors

“Curl up, light a candle, and fall under the spell of The Haunting Season..”

Published in 2020, The Haunting Season is a collection of short ghostly stories by Bridget Collins, Natasha Pulley, Imogen Hermes Gowar, Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Andrew Michael Hurley, Jess Kidd, Elizabeth Macneal, and Laura Purcell.

From a bustling Covent Garden Christmas market to the frosty moors of Yorkshire, from a country estate with a dreadful secret, to a London mansion where a beautiful girl lies frozen in death, these are stories to make your hair stand on end, send shivers down your spine and to serve as your indispensable companion to the long nights of winter.


Collections of short stories always worry me, because even if you don’t like only one, this can often taint the whole collection. Fortunately, I really enjoyed every story in this collection.

Spooky and atmospheric, this is a striking collection of gothic fiction, perfect for these long winter nights. It really set the mood to be reading them under a dim light with my [fake] fire roaring in the background, as every author does a fantastic job of setting the scene and developing their characters in only a short amount of time.

I was especially looking forward to reading the stories by Bridget Collins, Kiran Millwood Hargrave, and Laura Purcell and these were actually my favourites, but that’s because I have read books by these authors before and I had some idea of what to expect from them.

From witches to the paranormal, to monsters who are much more real, I loved the variety of concepts and how well every story managed to instil a pinch of fear in their own way. I look forward to the next collection of festive stories which is due to be released this year!


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