Book Review: To Keep You Safe by Kate Bradley

“How far would you go to save a child that isn’t yours?”

Published in 2019, To Keep You Safe by Kate Bradley follows teacher Jenni Wales who, when sees 15-year-old Destiny’s black eye, is immediately worried. Destiny isn’t your average student: she’s smart, genius IQ smart, and she’s in care. But concern turns to fear when Jenni witnesses an attempt to abduct Jenni from school.

Who are these men and what can Destiny know to make them hunt her? With those around her not taking the threat seriously, Jenni does the only thing she can think of to keep Destiny safe: she takes her.


A well-written thriller with strong characters, To Keep You Safe is a fast-paced multi-layered thriller told from an incredibly interesting perspective.

The story immediately pulls you in as everything feels so out of place. And as things progress, you only become more and more concerned that events are not going to end well. With lots of great action and some shocking twists, this one really took me by surprise.

However, with the focus on the harrowing subjects of PTSD and people trafficking, it’s a difficult book to enjoy because of how hard-hitting these subjects are. Bradley is a great writer, and she does a brilliant job of exploring these perspectives. But I just found the story too intense and the characters too emotionally damaged to engage with it more, although I do respect Bradley for exploring this story so authentically.

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