Book Review: Tell Me About… Human Body & Plants by Emily Dodd

“Making big science topics just the right size for little readers as we explore the human body.”

The Tell Me About… series are a new set of books written by expert scientist and CBeebies writer Emily Dodd and illustrated by Chorkung with bite-sized text, facts to make you say ‘WOW’, easy-to-understand explanations, and big science topics are. The first two instalments are Human Body and Plants.


Thank you to the publisher for a free gifted copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I’m very lucky in that both my boys (3 and 6) love to read. My eldest is also interested in science, so I always look out for easy-to-read books with beautiful visuals that I know will grab his attention.

And these “Tell Me About…” books are perfect for that!!

Written by Emily Dodd, these books are aimed for children aged 4 and above. They use simple language to make the science easy to follow, while ensuring that readers will get a full understanding at the same time.

From feelings to the immune system, seasons to seeds, they are a brilliant introduction to science and are sure to spark the interest of any young reader who wants to know more about how things work.

The illustrations by Chorkung are absolutely stunning too! Every page is full of colour and fun, making every section exciting to read.

There are only two books in the series so far (Human Body and Plants), but I would definitely buy others in the series and have them pride of place on the shelf!

Tell Me About… Plants and Tell Me About… Human Body are released on 2nd Feb!

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