Book Review: The Baby Group by Caroline Corcoran

“Her life was perfect. Until the video.”

Published in 2020, The Baby Group by Caroline Corcoran follows mother and blogger Scarlett whose golden life suddenly unravels when someone sends a shocking video of her to everyone she knows. The only people who claim they haven’t seen it are the friends in her new mothers’ group: Cora, Emma and Asha.

Scarlett is forced to delve into her past to discover who is out to get her. But as her circle of trust gathers around her, she has to ask – are her friends as innocent as they seem?


How to make a thriller original? Add a sex tape! Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that! The Baby Group is a shocking and fast-paced thriller with standout characters and plenty of twists.

The themes of motherhood are all explored brilliantly, from the stresses of returning to work to the need for the support of people outside of your normal friendship group.

For the most part, I found the story really gripping. It kept me guessing throughout, and there are so many red herrings that what seems obvious, is most definitely not! I did, however, find the ending a little too dragged out, and think that it would have been much more exhilarating if it had been a tad more concise.

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