Book Review: The Vanishing Of Audrey Wilde by Eve Chase

“Houses are never just houses. I’m quite sure of this now. We leave particles behind, dust and dreams, fingerprints buried on wallpapers, our tread in the wear of the stairs. And we take bits of the hoses with us… We grow up. We stay the same. We move away, but we live forever where we were most alive.”

Published in 2017, The Vanishing Of Audrey Wilde by Eve Chase follows four sisters who arrive at Applecote Manor to spend the summer, but all is clearly not well. They find their aunt and uncle still reeling from the disappearance of their only daughter, five years before. No one seems any closer to finding out the truth. Why did Audrey vanish? Who is keeping her fate secret? As the sisters are lured into the mystery of their missing cousin, the stifling summer takes a shocking, deadly turn. One which will leave blood on their hands, and put another girl in danger decades later…


Eve Chase always writes so beautifully that it’s easy to be swept away in the mystery of her stories. The settings in both the past and present are described in great detail, and I could really get a feel of Applecote Manor which adds so much more tension to the atmosphere.

The relationships between sisters and mother/daughter are all explored really well, too, and link together in both timelines brilliantly. The story comes together in a really compelling way, although I think the audiobook narration of this book did slow the pace a little too much which is why I wasn’t as gripped as I think I would have been had I read the physical copy.


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