Book Review: Talking with Serial Killers – Sleeping with Psychopaths by Christopher Berry Dee

Published in 2022, Talking with Serial Killers: Sleeping with Psychopaths by Christopher Berry Dee turns the attention to the wives or partners of serial murderers who remained unaware of exactly who they had fallen for until after their other half’s arrest or, in some cases, conviction, for multiple murders.

On finding out the truth, these innocents often experience a strange kind of guilt for not having recognised the killer in their home, as well as having to face the grim reality of betrayal and deceit.

Christopher Berry-Dee speaks directly to killers and their oblivious loved ones to get inside the minds of the men and women who fall for murderers.


Talking with Serial Killers: Sleeping with Psychopaths is certainly an interesting idea as we all wonder how these infamous serial killers carried on living normal lives and how their families never knew. So there was certainly a few fascinating stories to tell here.

However, I didn’t feel like quite enough research went into it or that Berry Dee had any of his own input. It felt more like he was merely rounding up a few things that he already knew, whereas I was hungry for more shocking truths.

What I found most interesting, though, was learning about a man called Michael Sams who resided in my hometown of Newark, which is where he kept one of his victims. In my childhood, I was warned not to go down a certain alley, told that a woman was once found down there, hidden in a bin. But I had no idea that what I thought was an urban legend was actually true, so it was amazing to learn about what actually happened and the significance of this story.

Other than that, nothing much really gripped my attention.

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