Book Review: The Interpreter by Brooke Robinson


Set to be published on 1st June in eBook format on 8th June in hardback, The Interpreter by Brooke Robinson follows single mother Revelle Lee, an interpreter who spends her days translating for victims, witnesses and the accused across London. Only she knows what they’re saying. Only she knows the truth.

When she believes a grave injustice is about to happen, and a guilty man is going to be labelled innocent, she has the power to twist an alibi to get the verdict she wants. She’s willing to risk it all to do what’s right. But when someone discovers she lied, Revelle finds the cost might be too high… and she could lose everything, including her son.


Looking for an original thriller to read this summer? The Interpreter is definitely a book that you need to pick up!

As a thriller lover, I sometimes feel like I’m reading the same recycled concept or twist, but The Interpreter definitely impressed with its refreshing originality. Entertaining and thought-provoking, it’s a brilliantly unique take on a courtroom drama and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Although the story didn’t grip me, my intrigue was held throughout as I was completely unaware of which direction the twist was going to come. I knew something felt off, but I was excited to find out how everything would unravel.

The only thing that let me down was that I couldn’t completely get behind Revelle’s character. She seemed to have a dark side, but one that she instantly regretted and felt guilty about. I just wanted her to be more confident, more assertive, and for her actions to have a really messed up malice behind them. That would have probably made this a five-star read for me, removing her self-doubt which I found a little underwhelming.

But that’s me – the darker the better – so I’m sure this will appeal to a much wider readership who will love the twists and intrigue of this exciting thriller!

Thank you to NetGalley for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


The Interpreter by Brooke Robinson
Release Date: 1st June 2023
Print Length: 336 pages
Genre: Legal thriller
Publisher: Vintage Digital


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