Global Film Project Calls For Contributions

(Written for The National Student. Click image to view layout on ISSUU)

Ever wanted to be a part of an international film? Well The Upload Project are giving you the opportunity to do just that, with the chance to contribute a short video of yourself to their global filmmaking project.

Based in Bristol, The Upload Project is an online film collaboration organised by three final year Drama students at The University of Bristol.

Launched in February earlier this year, their project looks to bring together people from all around the world by using the internet.

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Calling All Budding Writers

(Written for The London Library and published on The National Student)

Do you want your work published in a national paper such as The Times? Well, here’s how you can get your foot on the ladder…

The London Library is working with The Times and FreshMinds to offer The London Library Student Prize, a writing competition open to all final year undergraduates studying at higher education institutions in the UK.

The London Library is looking to discover the next generation of writers, thinkers and opinion formers. It doesn’t matter what you are studying, or where you are studying for that matter, as long as you have an opinion and you want to get it heard.

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The Reality Of Experimenting With Drugs at University

(Published in my student newspaper Flex, on Page 9, and on The National Student.)

As September’s Hollyoaks focuses on a group of Freshers and the effects that drugs can have, what is the reality of experimenting with drugs whilst at university?

A fresh start and, for most, a new home miles away from the towns we grew up in. As a new year at university begins, we will be faced with many challenging situations related to drugs. But we must ask, is the 5-minute buzz really worth it?

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How To Study

(Published on The National Student).

Studying may be one of the dullest parts of university, but it is also one of the most important. Yet we just can’t seem to make the time for it. Even as students who stay up until 3am most night, procrastination appears the only productive thing to do. So what are the best and easiest ways to study around our sociable and sleep-filled days?

Whether you have an exam every week or a short essay every term, one of the first things you will learn at university is that any amount of work load can easily catch up with you. A week’s deadline or a whole month, there is no doubt it will be left until last-minute.

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