Book Review: Serial Killers At The Movies by Christopher Berry-Dee

“Told well, a movie can serve as a warning of the dangers that serial killers and mass murderers pose to us all.”

Due to be published on 12th November, Serial Killers At The Movies: My Intimate Talks With Mass Murderers Who Became Stars Of The Big Screen is a non-fiction book by Christopher Berry-Dee that follows the depraved crimes of both real and imagined serial killers and mass murderers who have long transfixed us on the big screen. Films such as Silence of the Lambs, Psycho and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer have not only reached huge audiences, but also allowed us into the minds of society’s most disturbed individuals. Dee tells the stories of the mass murderers who provided the inspiration for some of cinema’s most shocking films, through far-ranging and disturbing interviews with the serial killers whose wicked stories have most thrilled and fascinated us at the movies.

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