Are The Characters of “Skins” Realistic & Do They Influence Teenagers’ Lives?

Skins is a British ‘dramedy’ portraying the lives of a group of teenagers in Bristol. The TV programme first aired on 25th January 2007 on E4; a channel renowned for its diverse and controversial programming. The programme has had four series so far, with a new cast for the last two series, and two more series currently in production. It focuses on a group of friends, aged 16-18, during their two years in sixth form and deals with the situations that teenagers are faced with, using comic exaggerations of characters to give a comedy edge. The programme deals with issues such as family problems, sexuality, drugs, death, teen pregnancy, mental illness, eating disorders and relationships.

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TV Review: The End of Skins Series Four

Skins Series 4 has finally ended and I can honestly say that I have never been more disappointed in the series than with these final few episodes. Full of suicide, mental illnesses, and murder, what went so wrong? I didn’t enjoy the first few episodes of the series but I carried on watching in hope of some improvement. But the series became more depressing as it went on, ending with murder and violence and with the death of a popular character.

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