Book Review: Reprieve by James Han Mattson

“Most people didn’t make it to Cell Six, he said. Most called out the safe word – reprieve – after the first Cell. It was that intense. “

Set to be published on 5th October, Reprieve by James Han Mattson follows Bryan, Jaidee, Victor and Jane, who team up to compete at a full-contact escape room. I seems simple: hold your nerve through six terrifying challenges; collect all the red envelopes; win a huge cash prize. But the real horror is unfolding outside of the game, in a series of deceits and misunderstandings fuelled by obsession and prejudice. And by the end of the night, one of the contestants will be dead.

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Book Review: Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner

“When you have it all, you have so much more to lose.”

Set to be released on 15th April, Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner follows heavily pregnant Helen as she attends her first antenatal class. Helen has it all. Daniel is the perfect husband, Rory is the perfect brother, and Serena is the perfect sister-in-law. She’s also finally pregnant after years of tragedy. But when her loving husband doesn’t turn up to class, Helen wasn’t expecting to find a new friend in Rachel. Extroverted, brash, and unsettling, Rachel just wants to get to know Helen and her friends and her family. Everything about them. Every little secret…

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