Book Review: Close To The Bone (Detective Megan Thomas #2) by Susan Wilkins

“We’re the police, that’s our job. We’re not judge and jury. And we’re certainly not executioner.”

Due to be released on 8th September, Close To The Bone is the second book in the Detective Megan Thomas series by Susan Wilkins. The story follows Detective Megan Thomas who hoped that moving to Devon would mean a quiet life, but when her sister Debbie finds the body of local businessman Greg Porter, that peace is shattered. Her boss won’t allow her anywhere near the case, leaving Megan on the sidelines. Caught between the job she loves and what she feels she must do, Megan finds herself faced with an impossible decision. She’s desperate to save her sister, but what if Debbie is lying about her involvement? When a second body and a surprise confession takes the case into even muddier waters, Megan must decide where her loyalty lies – with her family, or the truth.

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