TV Review: Black Mirror (Netflix) – Season Five

Written and created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror returns to Netflix with a fifth series compromising of three episodes – Striking Vipers, Smithereens, and Rachel Jack and Ashley Too.

With a series like Black Mirror, you expect to be thrown in at the deep end with a warning of how technology is advancing, but this is definitely a much more stripped back series. Technology and advances aren’t pushed in your face to make you fearful of the future. Instead, this series uses concepts which we already have – social media platforms, VR gaming, and simple AIs – to show you their everyday dangers (or possible benefits).

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Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror: A Retrospective

(Written for Beamly)

With Charlie Brooker‘s new feature-length special of his dystopian series, Black Mirror, airing on Channel 4 this week, let’s take a look at his first two series and what we can expect from the new episode.

Inspired by the likes of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Brooker wants to tell his own ghost story this Christmas. His single feature-length tale won’t be particularly festive, as Brooker objects to certain parties exploiting sentimentality at this time of year (his words not mine!) but he has commented that, “I quite like Christmas specials – but I missed the tradition of having ghost stories at Christmas.”

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The Second Screen Experience

(Written for MTV Sticky)

Watching TV used to be a time when you could get together with the family and watch your favourite show. Now, in the days of ultra-technology, we no longer just simply sit and watch; we have to play.

Just as Charlie Brooker explored in his recent TV series, Black Mirror, we spend a large part of our days looking at a digital screen. Whether it be your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, there are a number of ways in which we communicate with others and consumers communicate with us.

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The New Year Brings New Series

Not only does 2011 look set for great films, but January also brings many new series to some of our favourite TV programs, and some brand new ones altogether.

The American teen series, 90210, started its third series at the beginning of the month on E4. I’d missed the end of Series 2, but it seems that all that happened is a swap of girlfriends and boyfriends. The episode kicked off with an earthquake at Beverly Hills, “signifying both emotional and physical trauma everyone is going through.” What to expect from the series? Naomi’s breakdown, Liam and Annie getting together, Teddy’s darker side, and the endless conflicts between couples that we’ve seen many times before. Nothing new here; a bunch of rich, gorgeous ‘teenagers’ with their clich├ęd problems, yet I still enjoy to watch it.

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