Chris Pine Closes Deal to Star in ‘Wonder Woman’

(Written for Filmoria)

Chris Pine has closed a deal to join the DC Movie Universe as Steve Trevor in Patty Jenkins’ anticipated Wonder Woman movie, reports have confirmed this week.

Set to star opposite Gal Gadot, who will be playing the lead of Wonder Woman, these are the only two casting confirmations as of yet, and the deal also includes sequel options.

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New Poster For Disney’s ‘Into The Woods’ Arrives

(Written for Filmoria)

This week we have a brand new poster for Rob Marshall’s highly anticipated upcoming family musical, Into The Woods. Released by Walt Disney Pictures, the new poster sees a sinister Meryl Streep creeping out from the darkness, luring audiences in to find out exactly what her story is.

Based on the Tony Award-winning musical play by legendary composer Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, with Lapine also penning the screenplay and Sondheim providing the music and lyrics for the film, Into The Woods is a humorous and heartfelt musical that follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel – all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch who has put a curse on them.

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DVD Review: Jack Ryan – Shadow Recruit


Directed by Kenneth Branagh and based on the character created by bestselling author Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit follows a young covert CIA analyst, Jack Ryan (Chris Pine), who uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a financial terrorist plot. Set in the present day, the story follows him from 9/11 through his tour of duty in Afghanistan and into his early days in the Financial Intelligence Unit of the modern CIA. Under the guardianship of his handler, Harper (Kevin Costner), Ryan must go from analyst to spy in order to save his own life, as well as the lives of countless others, while also trying to protect the thing that’s more important to him than anything, his relationship with his fiancée Cathy (Keira Knightley).

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DVD Review: People Like Us


Serving as the directorial debut of Alex Kurtzman and inspired by true events, People Like Us follows salesman Sam (Chris Pine) who, while settling his recently deceased father’s estate, discovers he has a sister, Frankie (Elizabeth Banks), and nephew, Josh (Michael Hall D’Addario), whom he never knew about. As their relationship develops, Sam is forced to rethink his perceptions about his family and his relationship with his mother Lillian (Michelle Pfeiffer), and to re-examine his own life choices in the process.

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Film Review: This Means War

(Published in Issue 8 of my publication In Retrospect)


Directed by McG, This Means War is a romantic comedy action film that centers on two CIA agents, best friends FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy), who find themselves part of a love triangle when they end up dating the same woman. When neither is willing to back down, the quest for true loves turns into a spy vs. spy operation as the two battle to see who has the best tricks in the book, as they become willing to do anything to come out on top, literally. Meanwhile, Lauren Scott (Reese Witherspoon) must make a decision for herself, as she is forced to choose between the womanising playboy that is FDR, and the sensitive and easier option that is being offered by Tuck. So who, if anyone at all, will she choose?

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Chris Evans To Replace James Franco In ‘The Iceman’

(Written for Lost In The Multiplex)

Captain America’s Chris Evans has made a deal to replace James Franco in The Iceman this week.

Fortunately that isn’t another superhero film for him to attach his name to – The Iceman is based on the Anthony Bruno novel about Richard Kuklinski, a contract killer for the mob, which will be directed by Ariel Vromen.

Michael Shannon is attached to play Kuklinski, aka The Iceman, and Franco was going to play Kuklinski’s mentor, Robert Pronge, who Evans will now be taking over.

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