Rhian McNeff’s Textile Design

(This was published in the first issue of Dais, a university-funded magazine that I helped to create, write for and edited.)

“Sweet, but not too sugary,” is how Rhian McNeff describes her own work. These refined pieces of fabric are not only pleasing to look at; they are richly informed by the landscapes of her past. Rhian’s travels have also helped her recognise different attitudes and gain a set of influences, which is expressed throughout her sketch book.

From living in a city outside London to the countryside in the Welsh mountains, a contrast has emerged creating a strong undercurrent in Rhian’s work. Bold images of industrial machinery are placed in front of faint watercolour marks to express these two landscapes colliding together. Rhian describes this as nature fighting back, taking over; “I fused the two together to create out of context, sort of dream-like imagery.”

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Alan Clarke’s Olympic Proposals

(Published in the first issue of Dais)

Alan Clarke’s Olympic poster proposals for London 2012 have given designers something positive to talk about in relation to design and the Olympics. Although they are not being used for the Games, take a quick trip around the various online creative blogs and you will find many who believe that they should be.

Alan’s proposals have, however, been used on the London Underground to work with the Transport for London branding. They were designed to help travellers associate specific tube stops with the Olympic events that are being held there. Alan has always been interested in the Olympics and their logos and graphical designs, as well as the rich history of art and the London Underground, both of which informed and inspired his proposals.

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University College Falmouth Students Launch New Arts Journal

Students at University College Falmouth have launched a new publication called Dais.

Following a master-class held earlier this year by the founders of cultural arts blog, It’s Nice That, UCF students were given the opportunity to pitch their own ideas for a new magazine based on the notion of “something that makes you feel good,” with the winning idea being awarded £500 to go towards the budget of the first issue.

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Dartington – Magazine Road Trip

A 12-hour day, an 85-mile journey. We woke up for the 8.20 train to Truro, to catch a 2-hour train to Totnes, only for another one and a half mile walk to actually get to Dartington. But it was a brilliant day nonetheless, and much worth the many miles we walked.

We visited Dartington as part of a feature for our magazine “Dais.” Without going into too much detail, the 500 students of Dartington campus are, this year, being moved to Falmouth. We wanted to capture what was being lost from the extraordinary campus situated in such a beautiful environment. So we headed 85 miles East to get a feel for the atmosphere and talk to students about their feelings towards the move. Continue reading “Dartington – Magazine Road Trip”

Students Win Competition For a New Magazine

(This is a follow-up to “It’s Definitely Nice That.”)

A £500 grant has been offered to a group of students at University College Falmouth to start the set up of a new university magazine.

Students won a competition following a master-class held at UCF in February 2010. The competition was organised by the innovative editors of the cultural arts blog, “It’s Nice That.”

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