You Should Be Reading: The Girl With All The Gifts

“And then like Pandora, opening the great big box of the world and not being afraid, not even caring whether what’s inside is good or bad. Because it’s both. Everything is always both. But you have to open it to find that out.”

Written by M.R. Carey, based on his Edgar Award-winning short story, Iphigenia In Aulis, and originally published in 2014, The Girl with All the Gifts is a set in a dystopian future in which most of humanity is wiped out by a mutated fungal infection that eradicates free will and turns its victims into flesh-eating “hungries”.

Set at an army base in rural England, a small group of children, who appear to be immune to the disease’s effects, retaining normal thoughts and emotions, are being studied by the ruthless biologist Dr Caldwell. Spending their days in a classroom, taught by the empathetic Miss Justineau and guarded by the ever-watchful Sergeant Parks, the story centres on a particularly special young girl, Melanie. Melanie excels in the classroom and loves each day she gets to spend with her favourite teacher Miss Justineau. But when base falls, Melanie escapes along with Miss Justineau, Sergeant Parks, Pvt. Kieran Gallagher, and Dr Caldwell, and must discover what she really is to ultimately decide both her own future and that of the whole human race.

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DVD Review: The Voices

(Written for Filmoria)


Ryan Reynolds is an actor known for his versatility… and by that, I mean that he’s had a handful of decent roles, one iconic role in a great high school comedy, a known passion for his role as Deadpool, and then some very poor role choices in between.

His role in the horror-comedy The Voices, however, is one of the best performances that you will see from him. Starring as a troubled, med-addicted (although seemingly normal looking from the outside) factory worker, The Voices sees Reynolds play the role of Jerry, a young bachelor who is dedicated to living a normal life and succeeding in his new job at the Milton Bathtub factory.

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DVD Review: Byzantium

Directed by Neil Jordan, Byzantium follows modern-day mother and daughter vampires, Clara (Gemma Arterton) and Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan), who seek refuge in a run-down coastal resort. When Noel (Daniel Mays) provides shelter in his deserted guesthouse, Byzantium, Eleanor befriends Frank (Caleb Landry Jones). But their secret, that they were born 200 years ago and survive on human blood, doesn’t stay hidden for too long, as their past soon catches up on them with deathly consequences.


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New International Trailer For Neil Jordan’s Vampire Thriller ‘Byzantium’

This month sees the release of the new international trailer for Neil Jordan’s vampire horror-thriller Byzantium, and it’s looking a lot better than you might have first imagined.

Adapted from Neil Gaiman’s novel, The Graveyard Book, and scripted by Moira Buffini (Jane Eyre) from her own stage play, the film follows Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan as a mother-daughter vampire team who sometimes pose as sisters.

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Vampire Pic ‘Byzantium’ Gets New Still and Expanded Plot

(Written for HeyUGuys)

Neil Jordan’s Byzantium gets a new still and expanded plot this week, so now we can say with confidence that it both looks and sounds great.

Jordan (Interview With the Vampire) is attached to direct the project which is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel, The Graveyard Book, which has been scripted by Moira Buffini (Jane Eyre) from her own stage play. What a great combination of filmmakers and writers to bring this story to life.

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