BLOG TOUR: The Stranger Next Door by Adam Southward

“She was the perfect neighbour. Until she made a terrible accusation…”

Published on 27th May, The Stranger Next Door by Adam Southward follows Matt and Imogen who move out of the city in hope for a much-needed fresh start. Matt throws himself into his new job, but Imogen struggles to adjust to life in the suburbs. She’s grateful for the kind welcome from her new neighbour Nancy, and they soon become close friends. So when Nancy makes a shocking accusation, Imogen doesn’t know who to trust. This isn’t the first time Matt has found himself on the wrong end of a false accusation, but is Nancy hiding secrets of her own? As simmering tensions threaten to boil over, Imogen is in more danger than she realises. Can she uncover the truth before she loses everything?

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