BOOK TOUR: Her Frozen Heart (Nikki Hunt #6) by Stacy Green

The sixth book in Stacy Green‘s Nikki Hunt series and released earlier this month, Her Frozen Heart sees Special Agent Nikki Hunt who receives a call on Christmas Day. She knows it can’t be good news. Seventeen-year-old missing teenager Kesha Williams has at last been found, her body floating in an icy forest lake, miles from her hometown.

As Nikki rushes to the scene, she’s chilled to see the past repeating itself. Kesha disappeared from the mall where Nikki’s own little girl was targeted the year before. Local police are convinced it was Kesha’s boyfriend, who was spotted disappearing from security cameras that day at the mall, but Nikki isn’t so sure.

Nikki knows that whoever took Kesha is a local, and that this probably isn’t his first kill. Her worst fears are confirmed when the team find another grave on the shore – a second teenage girl, her body wound in a brightly coloured beach towel. Suddenly on the hunt for a serial killer, Nikki knows that an early break is the key to solving this case. But as the body count rises, will Nikki be able to find Kesha’s killer? Or will he find her first?

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