Book Review: Bad Things Happen Here by Rebecca Barrow

“The island of Parris: paradise or poison?”

Set to be published on 28th June, Bad Things Happen Here by Rebecca Barrow follows Luca who lives in Parris, the beautiful island plagued by the unsolved deaths of young women – most significantly, Luca’s best friend. All Luca wants is to heal from the traumatic loss and leave her feelings of guilt and helplessness behind. Then Luca comes home to find the police at her house. Her sister, Whitney, is dead. Will Luca’s search finally reveal the truth about her sister’s murder? And will she unravel and escape the clutches of the curse and survive Parris?

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READALONG: The Forevers by Chris Whitaker

“What would you do if you knew the world was going to be destroyed by a huge asteroid in one month?”

The Forevers by Chris Whitaker follows Mae and her friends who know that the end is coming. They saw it ten years back, when it was far enough away in space and time and meaning. The changes were gradual, and then sudden. Now, they must navigate a life where action and consequence are no longer related. Where the popular are both trophies and targets. And where petty grudges turn deadlier with each passing day. With teachers losing control of their students and themselves, and the end rushing toward all of them, it leaves everyone facing the answer to one, simple question: What would you do if you could get away with anything?

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