Actor Ranked: Carey Mulligan

Making her debut role in Joe Wright’s beautiful Pride & Prejudice alongside Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan has led some of the biggest and best films of the past few years. She’s since gone onto to star alongside Michael Fassbender in Shame and Ryan Gosling in Drive, as well as leading the BBC TV drama, Collateral.

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My Top 10 Films of 2014

With the end of 2014 in sight, it’s time to look back on the best of this year. It’s been a great year for film franchises, superheroes, reboots, and lego men. With releases from some of the best, including Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, and Hayao Miyazaki, there’s been something for everyone with a thrilling murder mystery, an animation about aircraft engineering, a space adventure spanning the galaxies, a dark drama about sex addiction, and a true-life story about HIV.

This year I’ve watched 785 films (90 released this year and 241 for the first time). My most watched directors were Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock and my most watched actor was Tom Hanks.

And here are my top 10 films of 2014. This list changes quite often so you can view a constantly updated list on my Letterboxd page.

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Film Review: Inside Llewyn Davis

The latest from Coen Brothers Joel and Ethan, Inside Llewyn Davis follows the week in the life of a young folk singer, Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), circa 1961, as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene. Struggling to make it as a musician, Llewyn is faced with many obstacles, many of them of his own doing, including getting between his only real friends Jim (Justin Timberlake) and Jean (Carey Mulligan).


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Carey Mulligan To Work With the Coen Brothers and Spike Jonze

(Written for Lost In The Multiplex)

Carey Mulligan gave a stunning performance is last month’s Drive, and is now becoming a face that we look forward to seeing. Fortunately, she’s keeping herself busy in 2012, landing the female lead in Coen BrothersInside Llewyn Davis and beginning negotiations for a lead role in a project for Spike Jonze.

Inside Llewyn Davis follows a musician trying to make it in the 1960s New York music scene. Mulligan, the lead female musician, will star opposite Oscar Isaac. Whilst it is unknown if Mulligan will be asked to sing in the film, she has certainly proven that she is up to the job in Steve McQueen’s Shame, which is set to be released in January 2012.

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