In Retrospect – Issue 17

A film guide for December 2012 including reviews for:

– The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
– Life Of Pi
– Pitch Perfect
– Parental Guidance
– Jack Reacher
– Seven Psychopaths

Thanks to contributor Daniel Prinn (@DanielPrinn) for his reviews.

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In Retrospect is a monthly film publication that I make just for a bit of fun, visit the blog here.

Trailer Trash Feature: 7th – 20th July

(Bi-weekly feature written for Lost In The Multiplex)

With news from Comic-Con filling our Twitter feeds over the past couple of weeks, here’s a list of the most recent trailer releases, some of which Comic-Con were thrilled about – Oz: The Great And Powerful – and others that didn’t even get a mention – try an upcoming film about phone sex. With wizards, dinosaurs, gangsters, and cowboys, we’ve got it all this week.

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