Film Review: Sex And The City 2

Directed by Michael Patrick King, the sequel to Sex and The City from the original TV series proves it’s getting a bit too much for the NYC girls after kids, full-time jobs and marriage problems; less sex and the city, more pizza on the couch with a screaming child.

The quartette takes a trip to Abu Dhabi in aid of escape from their newly formed ‘grown-up’ lives. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is having marriage problems, which are only made worse when she bumps into the ex love-of-her-life Aiden. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) takes a more dominating role, becoming the only real ‘fun’ character of the group as she takes control of her working life for a change, opening up Charlotte’s (Kristin Davis) deeply hidden anxieties of motherhood. And then there’s Samantha (Kim Cattrall) who is still getting her fair share of men, even whilst going through the menopause. (Yet this is somewhat awkward to watch now that she’s in her 50’s).

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