Film Review: Murder On The Orient Express

Directed by Kenneth Branagh and based on Agatha Christie‘s train-set 1934 whodunnit, Murder On The Orient Express centres on the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh). When a passenger is murdered in his compartment aboard the Simplon-Istanbul Express, Poirot has to work out who did the dirty deed on the snow drift-stalled train.

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DVD Review: People Like Us


Serving as the directorial debut of Alex Kurtzman and inspired by true events, People Like Us follows salesman Sam (Chris Pine) who, while settling his recently deceased father’s estate, discovers he has a sister, Frankie (Elizabeth Banks), and nephew, Josh (Michael Hall D’Addario), whom he never knew about. As their relationship develops, Sam is forced to rethink his perceptions about his family and his relationship with his mother Lillian (Michelle Pfeiffer), and to re-examine his own life choices in the process.

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New Picture of An Undead Johnny Depp in ‘Dark Shadows’

(Written for HeyUGuys)

Warner Bros. has shared a new photograph of Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer this week, showing the undead couple in Tim Burton‘s retelling of the 1966-1971 classic gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows.

The film follows Barnabas Collins (Depp), a wealthy playboy who is transformed into a vampire and buried by a jilted lover, Angelique (Eva Green). After being dug up in 1752, Collins attempts to reintegrate with his descendants, led by Elizabeth (Pfeiffer) and Roger (Jonny Lee Miller), whilst he also crosses the path with various monsters, witches, werewolves and ghosts, all of whom have secrets.

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