Book Review: Seven Sides of Self

“Perhaps mankind will learn something about itself by studying Aurillia. Maybe looking in this extraterrestrial mirror will show the stupidity of the artificial boundaries mankind has erected throughout the fibre of its societies.”

Recently published and written by former scientist-turned-artist Nancy Joie Wilkie, Seven Sides of Self is Wilkie’s first collection of short stories which examine how we seek to understand the world around us by exploring the various sides of one’s personality: the storyteller, the sceptic, the survivor, the saint (or the sinner), the scholar, the seeker, and the saviour. Through the lives of central characters such as Zarce Sun De’oggo, Sister Othrosa Vella, Jarka Moosha, and Old Mims, the stories explore themes of battling strong emotions, the lengths we might go to for self-preservation and self-sacrifice, the inability to accept things different, and taking responsibility for what we create in pieces that inhabit the worlds of both sci-fi and fantasy.

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