In Retrospect – Issue 3

A film guide for November 2011 including reviews for:

– Contagion
– Retreat
– The Three Musketeers
– Midnight In Paris
– Johnny English Reborn
– Everything Must Go

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Film Review: Retreat

(Published on Lost In The Multiplex and BritScene, and read in In Retrospect – Issue 3)


This month sees the release of two very different takes on the widespread of a killer virus. The first with Retreat, a psychological, British thriller directed by Carl Tibbetts, and the second with an American thriller, Contagion, which you can read here.

Retreat was released in the UK earlier this month, following couple Martin (Cillian Murphy) and Kate (Thandie Newton) who take a break to an isolated island in an attempt to fix the troubles of their marriage. When they rescue a washed-up man, Jack (Jamie Bell), and bring him into their home, the last thing they expected to hear about was the threat of a killer virus heading towards the island. Unable to leave their house and with nobody on the island to help them, they begin to think this violent stranger has been lying. When their situation reaches ultimate intensity, they have a decision to make: to believe the only company they have, even if he has a gun to their heads, or to make a run for it. But nothing could have prepared them for them for the ultimate and shocking truth.

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First Clip for ‘Retreat’ Shows There’s No Escaping

(Written for BritScene)

The first clip for Retreat has been released this week, emphasising the sheer psychological intensity of Carl Tibbetts‘ directorial debut.

The clip places Cillian Murphy (The Dark Knight) and Thandie Newton (2012) in the middle of a highly tense situation with Jamie Bell (Jumper), a washed up stranger, pointing a gun at the couple’s heads, threatening that they have lost any chance of escaping.

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