TV Review: Life (BBC One) – Season One

Written by Mike Bartlett and set in the world of Doctor Foster, Life premiered in September 2020 on BBC One and follows four people living in a converted Victorian house in Manchester which is divided into four flats. Gail (Alison Steadman) has become discontent with her marriage, Belle (Victoria Hamilton) is recently divorced, David (Adrian Lester) is recently widowed, and Hannah (Melissa Johns) is pregnant. As they all encounter new and disruptive influences in their lives, their stories begin to interweave in this series about the problems that happen in life that you just have to deal with.

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TV Review: No Offence (Channel 4) – Season One

(Written for Filmoria)


Written by the BAFTA award-winning writer and Shameless creator, Paul Abbott, No Offence is an amusing, creative, and intelligently paced cop crime drama, which gives an original take on the world of the police procedural.

With a fresh, dark comedy approach, the series originally aired on Channel 4 on Tuesday nights at 9pm, and follows a team of detectives from the Manchester Metropolitan Police, focusing on their investigation into the serial murders of girls with Down syndrome.

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