Book Review: Inspired Inner Genius Series

Inspired Inner Genius has created a series of biographical books to introduce historical figures to young readers, designed to inspire the inner genius of your kids.

They are the perfect start for any child to begin reading non-fiction and biographies. Each illustrated biography also includes a profile page, gallery, and glossary, reinforcing your child’s learning with simplified explanations of advanced vocabulary and helping to deepen your child’s knowledge about these real-life icons.

Geared to boys and girls aged from 5 to 10 years old (although they are suitable for younger readers too, with some guidance), if you’re child is interested in reading, they’re sure to love this series.

There’s something for everybody too, featuring the names and faces of a whole host of icons including historical figures, modern innovators, and modern-day sports stars.

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Actor Ranked: Michael Fassbender

Most recently known for his role as a young Magneto in the latest X-Men franchise, Michael Fassbender is most credible for his compelling performances in a number of hard-hitting true stories, most notably alongside directed Steve McQueen. It certainly took a few bad films to get him there, but he is now one of the best working actors around.

Here is my ranking of his performances (not of the films themselves) to date:

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