Nightlife: The Before & After

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Whilst there are many stages to a night out that we don’t plan – the loss of memory, a phone, a purse, the contents of your stomach, or worse yet, your dignity – whatever a night out brings, there are a couple of things that we all plan to do the same: the before and after routine.

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Falmouth’s Royal Street…Gathering

April 29th, 2011 will be a date well remembered around the whole world. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding. A joyous occasion for all, hosting a number of marvellous street parties all over the UK to bring neighbourhoods together in celebration. But for the small town of Falmouth, Cornwall, the day saw a handful of students getting tipsy; a bit too hyped up to be described as a mass of ‘revellers’ who created an ‘out of control’ street party.

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Concerns for Student Drinking

A government ban on the Carnage UK pub crawl event has been called by The National Union of Students because it “encourages irresponsible drinking.”

Carnage UK set up pub crawls around the UK for university students and have been criticised after a student was caught urinating on a war memorial. The NUS now want to ban the event.

Carnage organise events for an estimated 350,000 undergraduates in 45 towns and cities every year. Students pay £10 for a Carnage T-shirt which gives access to several bars and clubs in the area.

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Police Send Texts to Curb Student Drinking

Police are to text and send Facebook messages to students to address local concerns of the behaviour linked with ‘young people’ drinking.

After a Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meeting held in Falmouth, police have launched ‘Operation Placebo’ to help reduce complaints of anti-social behaviour caused by people drinking.

PACT hold meetings for neighbourhoods to discuss local issues. They give the neighbourhood a chance to identify local issues and help influence what happens to improve the community.

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