BOOK TOUR: The Baby Shower by S.E. Lynes

“She doesn’t know I’m there, watching her in the mirror. She slides her hand under her blouse. And then I see something impossible. She isn’t pregnant…”

Set to be published on 1st March, The Baby Shower by S.E. Lynes follows Jane who has a good job, a loving husband, and a close group of friends. That is until Lexie Lane shows up. She bursts into Jane’s life like a storm, seeming so perfect with her lilting laugh and her beautiful face. One by one, Jane watches as her friends fall under her spell. But Jane suspects something. Only Jane sees that her smiles don’t reach her cold, furious eyes. So when the day of Lexie’s baby shower comes around, Jane waits for Lexie’s mask to slip. That afternoon, she finally learns the unbelievable truth. There is no baby…

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