BOOK TOUR: The Imposter by Anna Wharton

“Everybody lies.”

Released earlier this month, The Imposter by Anna Wharton follows newspaper archivist Chloe who lives a quiet life, working in the day and taking care of her Nan in the evening. She’s happy simply to read about the lives of others as she files away the news clippings from the safety of her desk. But there’s one story that she can’t stop thinking about. The case of Angie Kyle – a girl, Chloe’s age, who went missing as a child. A girl whose parents never gave up hope. When Chloe’s Nan gets moved into a nursing home, leaving Chloe takes a desperate step and answers an ad to be a lodger in the missing girl’s family home. It could be the perfect opportunity to get closer to the story she’s read so much about. But the couple isn’t all that they seem from the outside. With everyone in the house hiding something, the question is – whose secrets are the most dangerous?

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Book Review: The Imposter by Marin Montgomery

Set to be released on 4th March, The Imposter by Marin Montgomery follows successful attorney Sibley Sawyer who appears to have a perfect life. But when her personal and professional lives implode, she realises that it’s time to reunite with her estranged mother, Deborah, and bury their past tensions. But as she reenters the life she left behind, she realizes her mother isn’t the same person she remembers. And she’s not the same daughter, either. As both women struggle to piece together a tangled web of deceit and lies, and the shocking circumstances that caused Sibley to leave in the first place, it becomes clear there are secrets rooted deeper than either mother or daughter could ever have imagined.

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Trailer Trash Feature: 21st July – 5th August

(Bi-weekly feature written for Lost In The Multiplex)

I think this has to be one of my favourite round-ups of new film trailers this week, with the promise of some brilliant looking films set to be released over the following year. With the exciting teaser for Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel and a spectacular first trailer for the upcoming adaptation of David Mitchell’s highly acclaimed novel Cloud Atlas, we also have a couple of trailers for some of this year’s Sundance’s favourites including Ry Russo-Young’s moving Nobody Walks and Leslye Headland’s very funny Bachelorette. This really is a great collection of film trailers this week and I hope that by the end of this feature you are left just as excited for nearly all of them as much as I am!

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