12 Days of Christmas 2018 – Advent For Toddlers

Following on from my 25 Days Of Christmas Advent For Families, I also wanted to make a list of Christmas films that are more suitable for toddlers. My boy is 22 months old and is starting to get an idea of what Christmas is about, so I’m planning on watching a Christmas film with him every day so that I can teach him more about Santa and the festive season.

Sadly, if you’re avoiding TV specials of Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol because you watch enough of them already, there really aren’t that many films out there that are made especially for younger audiences. So here’s a short list of what’s available on TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky Cinema and NowTV over the following month (December 2018), showcasing the best Christmas films for toddlers for those who are looking for simpler animations to teach your little ones about the magic of Christmas.

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Weekly Sky Cinema Premieres (25th June – 1st July)

Since I don’t get to the cinema to see new releases that often anymore, this is my new weekly feature reviewing the latest releases on Sky Cinema Premiere (and in turn, Now TV). I will write a short review and rating for each of the films that I have watched and then give you the details for the ones that I didn’t get a chance to see.

This week’s feature sees the release of The Night Watchmen, So B. It, Fatima, B&B, The Snowman, Flatliners, and Call Me By Your Name.

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The UK’s Top 10 Christmas Films

With only a couple of weeks left until Christmas Day, reindeer, tinsel, and the face of Santa Clause have been pasted all over our TV screens. With that in mind, Watchshop, the leading online retailer of watches and the UK’s most visited watch website, have done a bit of research, discovering that a huge 40% of people say that Christmas films are their favourite part of Christmas TV. The research has also discovered the UK’s top 10 favourite Christmas films. Keep reading to find out what they are and for my personal reviews and Top 20.

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