My 2020 Reading Wrap-Up

Over the past couple of years, I have documented every film that I have watched and reviewed them all using Letterboxd. As a way to motivate myself to read more, I thought I would do the same for what books I have been reading, using Goodreads as a way to set myself a reading challenge every year.

I initially set my target as 25 books this year, but a few things happened that meant I reached this goal quite early on. Firstly, I had a baby, so this meant that I was awake at silly hours with plenty of time to read. Then, there was lockdown. Because of lockdown, I decided to join Bookstagram and NetGalley and get more serious about reviewing books. So now, instead of reading two books at most a month, I’ve been reading up to ten.

I upped my goal to 60 around halfway through the year, and still managed to pass that by reaching 74 books. This year has really rekindled my love of books, and I can’t wait to start 2021 with this new passion.

Here’s how my 2020 challenge went:

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Book Review: The Woman In Black by Susan Hill

“For a long time, I did not move from the dark, wood-panelled hall. I wanted company, and I had none, lights and warmth and a strong drink inside me, I needed reassurance. But, more than anything else, I needed an explanation. It is remarkable how powerful a force simple curiosity can be. I had never realized that before now. In spite of my intense fear and sense of shock, I was consumed with the desire to find out exactly who it was that I had seen.”

Originally released in 1983 and written by Susan Hill, The Woman In Black follows Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor living in London who is summoned to Crythin Gifford to attend the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow, and to sort through her papers at her estate. Travelling to Eel Marsh House, Arthur sees a woman in black and begins to gain an impression of the mystery surrounding her. But despite the chilling events he begins to experience since arriving at Eel Marsh House, he resolves to spend the night and fulfil his professional duty. But the night contains the greatest horror for Kipps, as he soon discovers the reasons behind the hauntings.

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Brits At The Box Office: Daniel Radcliffe, James D’Arcy, Andrea Riseborough & More!

(Weekly feature written for BritScene)

Not so much of a busy week this week with only a couple of limited releases, but we do have one big release that we have been talking a lot about over the past few months. So let’s make some form of literal drum roll, because this first film is set to do very well over the next seven days, as we will finally get to piece together the many number of clips and images that we have seen…

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Daniel Radcliffe Discusses ‘The Woman In Black’ With Even More Teeth Clenching Clips

(Written for BritScene)

With Hammer Horror’s The Woman In Black soon to be released, we have two new clips to scare you into seeing this film next month, as well as a clip of British actor Daniel Radcliffe discussing his role in the film on British talk show, The Jonathon Ross Show.

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New Behind-The-Scenes Footage for ‘The Woman In Black’

(Written for BritScene)

With the release of the first clip for Hammer Films’ latest horror production, The Woman In Black, earlier this week, CBS Films have now also released a really interesting two behind-the-scenes featurettes. The first titled “Creating A Classic Ghost Story”, looks at what makes a classic, atmospheric horror story, while the second, “Behind The Haunting”, features a number of the stars involved in the movie talking about their experiences on set.

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Films To Look Forward To In 2012

2012 has only just begun, and we’re already talking about some of the amazing films that are set to be released over the next year. With many anticipated films that have already been released in the US that we are yet to see, to the many Marvel films that we are frantically waiting for, we won’t be short of great films to put on the ‘to see’ list. Let’s not forget Peter Jackon’s The Hobbit as well, of course.

So, films of 2012, assemble! Here’s a list of what to look forward to this year, and also a few that you may want to avoid.

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New Trailer, Image And Competition for ‘The Woman In Black’

(Written for BritScene)

This week we have a new trailer and image as well as an exciting competition for James WatkinsThe Woman In Black, starring British actor Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter).

Directed by James Watkins (Eden Lake) and based on the 1983 thriller fiction novel by Susan Hill of the same name, Radcliffe plays the role of a young lawyer in the 1900s. When he travels to a remote English village, he encounters the ghost of a scorned woman set on vengeance. On further exploration into the village’s secrets he learns that children there routinely die under mysterious circumstances, and begins to encounter fearful visions of a female figure draped in black.

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‘The Woman In Black’ Animated Poster and Trailer

(Written for BritScene)

Last week we were given a scary trailer for The Woman In Black, starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter). This week we have an even scarier, animated poster and a new trailer, just in time for Halloween.

The tagline for this ghost story, based on a novel by Susan Hill, is “What did they see?” The poster, which can be seen here, embraces this phrase as a creepy figure appears in the background and follows your mouse pointer. As if we weren’t scared enough, there’s a new trailer that you can watch below as well.

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Scary Trailer for ‘The Woman In Black’ Starring Daniel Radcliffe

(Written for BritScene)

The second full-length trailer for The Woman in Black has been released this week, promising that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) can do more than wizardry.

Directed by James Watkins (Eden Lake), and based on the 1983 thriller fiction novel by Susan Hill of the same name, Radcliffe plays the role of a young lawyer who travels to a remote village where he encounters the ghost of a scorned woman set on vengeance on a small English town.

This new and extremely creepy trailer drags us deeper into the torment that Radcliffe is faced with. It looks like he works well in this horror too; it’s good to see him in a more serious film and so shortly after the end of the Harry Potter franchise as well.

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