Book Review: The Thin Place by CD Major

Set to be released on 15th April, The Thin Place by CD Major follows journalist Ava Brent who decides to investigate the dark mystery of Overtoun Estate, a ‘thin place’ steeped in myth which the locals fear because of the secrets it keeps. Ava has no idea how dangerous this story will be for her, and before she knows it, she is caught in the house’s grasp too. After she discovers the history of a sick young girl who lived there, she starts to understand the sadness that shrouds it. But when she finds an ominous old message etched into a windowsill, she is forced to wonder what horrors the house is protecting. And what will it cost her to find out? With her own first child on the way, Ava knows she should stay away. But even as her life starts to unravel, and she receives chilling threats, the house and the bridge keep pulling her back…

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Book Review: The Imposter by Marin Montgomery

Set to be released on 4th March, The Imposter by Marin Montgomery follows successful attorney Sibley Sawyer who appears to have a perfect life. But when her personal and professional lives implode, she realises that it’s time to reunite with her estranged mother, Deborah, and bury their past tensions. But as she reenters the life she left behind, she realizes her mother isn’t the same person she remembers. And she’s not the same daughter, either. As both women struggle to piece together a tangled web of deceit and lies, and the shocking circumstances that caused Sibley to leave in the first place, it becomes clear there are secrets rooted deeper than either mother or daughter could ever have imagined.

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