Michael Caine Discusses Christopher Nolan’s Next Big Idea

(Written for Lost In The Multiplex)

Christopher Nolan, you say? Actually, this isn’t about The Dark Knight Rises this time. We have news of his next project, an original idea that is set to star Michael Caine.

With his recent Batman trilogy coming to an end later this month with The Dark Knight Rises being released on 20th July, Michael Caine, who plays Alfred in the franchise, told Empire that he agrees with Nolan’s decision to walk away from the comic book hero and that, “He’s got to go on.”

Caine has worked with Nolan in every one his films since Batman Begins in 2005, including Inception and The Prestige, and went on to comment that, “He’s got some other idea, and I’m in it!”

He added: “We’re each others’ good luck charms. I always say to him, ‘I’m not your good luck charm, you are mine!'”

So what do we know about Nolan’s next project, apart from that it is set to star Caine? Just that it will be an original idea. I’d usually say that we can look forward to hearing more about the project soon, but knowing Nolan it might be a while before we get any solid plot details.

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