The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 9 – TV Review

(Written for Filmoria)

Well the episode title says it all: What Happened and What’s Going On? Due to America having a mid-season break, we’ve all been hugely anticipating the return of the zombie horror/drama with the second half of season 5.

After the shocking (and surprisingly emotional!) finale of episode 8, the question we need answering the most is: Where will the group go now that they are once again reunited?

Will they make an easy escape from the hospital, or will there be more trouble? Will they stay in the city, or will they return to the Church? Anything could happen!

The second half of a series always picks itself up after a slower first half with The Walking Dead, and what episode 8 did well was to show the audience that the series isn’t afraid to throw some big twists into the drama. More than anything else, it showed that the writers aren’t afraid to cut lose any dead ends, and that leading cast members still have the threat of being killed off, no matter how much the fans may like them. So this second half of the series certainly isn’t going to get any tamer, and it looks promising that it might even see one of the best series cliff-hangers yet.

It’s difficult to know where this half of the series is going to go, though. Once again the group are in need of a safe place that offers shelter and supplies, but that could lead them anywhere, and it’s obviously not going to be an easy journey.

This latest episode doesn’t do too well to give any answers, and as a long awaited episode it’s fairly uneventful when there’s so much we want to know. But there is another big shock, not one I found to be that impacting but it’s definitely going to make a difference to the rest of the series. And again, it’s obvious the shocks aren’t going to end any time soon.

The gore is also pretty epic in this episode. It’s one of the best things about this series, and there’s a couple of blood-filled scenes that make all the difference.

Still, we need a lot more to be happening at this point. Let’s hope the action comes back at full pace in the next episode.

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