5 Best Moments from 2014’s Bake Off

(Written for Beamly)

We’re super excited for the upcoming series of The Great British Bake Off, and we know you are too!

So let’s take a look at 2014’s series, before the new one kicks off on 5th August.

1. When Nancy won

Wasn’t she lovely?

Nancy, a grandmother of eight from Lincolnshire, won the show with her baked evocation of the Moulin Rouge, taking the number one spot from builder Richard. It was a tough choice between the two (personally I was rooting for Richard!) but Fancy Nancy truly deserved a prize for her elegant efforts.

Let’s not forget how she constantly put Paul in his place, either, referring to him as only “the male judge”.

2. Iain’s baked alaska

Iain had a meltdown – as did his cake – when Diana removed his dessert from the freezer. This ice cream drama resulted in a lot of media attention, especially when it was announced that Diana was leaving the show the following week, due to health issues after suffering from a bad fall.

Relive the magic!

3. The puns

The series actually got quite a few complaints because of all the puns and innuendoes, with many negative comments made about the shows “constant smutty remarks”.

Remember these ‘#BakeOffInnuendo Of The Week.’?

“To be commended on your nuts by Mary Berry, it’s a great day.”

“Stop touching your dough balls!”

“Typically I do this on the floor because it gets so stiff.”

“I quite like the idea of having some big ones!”

But this is what makes The Great British Bake Off so much fun to watch. Of course we want to see beautiful cakes and get recipes and baking ideas, but what’s wrong with a little innuendo now and then?

Of course, most of these innuendoes come from our beloved Mel and Sue…

4. Mel and Sue

They were certainly on top form last series, so we can only expect more from them with the new series. They bring out the best in the contestants and fill the silent room of concentrating bakers with laughter. The show would be rubbish without them.

5. Martha

At only 17 years old, Martha impressed us all. This just shows how much talent the series showcases, and it’s great to see such passion, skill and dedication from such a variety of contestants.

The sixth series will begin on 5 August 2015 on BBC One. Are you excited? You should be.

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