Film Review: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Directed by David Lowery and a reimagining of Disney‘s 1977 musical family film of the same name, Pete’s Dragon follows the adventures of an orphaned ten-year-old boy named Pete (Oakes Fegley) and his best friend Elliot, who just so happens to be a giant, green dragon. For years, old wood-carver Mr Meacham (Robert Redford) has delighted local children with his tales of the fierce dragon that resides deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. To his daughter, Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard), a forest ranger, these stories are little more than a folk tale… until she meets Pete, living in the woods with no family or home. With the help of Natalie (Oona Laurence), an 11-year-old girl whose father, Jack (Wes Bentley), owns the local lumber mill, Grace sets out to determine where Pete came from, where he belongs, and the truth about his dragon.


Pete’s Dragon is one of those rare treats of a film that parents will be happy to take their children to go and see at the cinema. Maintaining the charm of the original film – not unnecessarily remaking an often forgotten classic – this ‘reimagining’ has something for old and new fans alike.

We all love stories about children making unlikely friendships with characters who are often seen as the monster under the bed, and it’s this friendship between Pete and Elliot that will fill audiences with an overwhelming feeling of sincerity.

But it’s also the strong family bond that holds strong throughout. It is a film that undoubtedly comes from the heart, that will leave audiences of all ages feeling a sense of hope and joy.

With incredible animation, a beautiful score, and heart-warming chemistries between its fantastic cast, Pete’s Dragon is one of Disney’s finest live-action films; a family film with an enchanting quality – both emotionally and visually – that will be hard to beat.

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