TV Review: Vera (ITV) – Season Ten

Based on novels of the same name by crime writer Ann Cleeves, Northumberland & City Police’s very own Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) returns for a tenth season. The series, which aired on ITV in January 2020, consists of four episodes following the deaths of a self-styled entrepreneur, a teenage boy, a cleaner, and wealthy betting shop magnate.

Overall Season Rating:

I was worried that after the last season, Vera was getting close to retirement. But she’s back with full force in this latest season, and Brenda Blethyn doesn’t appear to be giving up on the determined but often outspoken detective yet.

Only four episodes long, this latest season has a great variety of mystery with very different murders, investigations, motives, and suspects, with each episode managing to keep you guessing until the final moments.

And Blethyn never fails to entertain. Her titular character is irascible, brash, and forefront, but she’s also calculated in her thought-processes, cares deeply and is always dedicated to her work. She may be quite abrupt, but she always gets the job done, and her relationship with Kenny Doughty‘s DS Aiden Healy is a great one to watch.

Although on its tenth series, Vera still manages to impress, keeping its team of detectives likeable group with the occasional personal touch, and its investigations complex, original and always surprising.

I look forward to this series returning every year and I’m already looking forward to more.

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