Book Review: A Christmas Celebration (Wynbridge #9) by Heidi Swain

Published earlier this year, A Christmas Celebration by Heidi Swain follows newly-unemployed Paige who turns up unannounced at Wynthorpe Hall, a place she was familiar with when she was growing up which has since changed beyond all recognition. She’s only planning to stay for a short time, but is quickly pulled into local life.

One night while driving home after delivering library books and shopping to residents she stumbles across an isolated cottage and meets Albert, its elderly and rather grumpy owner. She quickly realises there’s more to Albert than meets the eye and the same can be said for the other man she can’t seem to help running into, handsome but brooding Brodie.

All three of them have a secret and a desire to hide away from the world, but with Christmas on the horizon, is that really the best way to celebrate the season?


If you’re looking for a book to fill you with Christmas spirit, Heidi Swain is an author you can always rely on. With themes of romance, community spirit, festive cheer, and finding your purpose, A Christmas Celebration is a festively warm and wonderfully comforting feel-good story, perfect for the Christmas season.

For once, the romance actually meant the least to me in this story and I actually wanted to spend more time with Albert than with Brodie. It’s not often I feel that way when reading a festive romance, so I appreciate that Paige had her priorities sorted as we were allowed to focus on the more meaningful aspects of the story than a rushed relationship.

I’ve not read many Heidi Swain books but this is my second in the Wynbridge series, but I did recognise a lot of the place/business names from her book titles, and loved how everything felt connected. I definitely look forward to picking more books by her in the future. (Maybe I’ll try a summer one so that I don’t have to wait a whole year?!)


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