TV Review: The Nest (BBC) – Season One

Written by Nicole Taylor, the BBC drama, The Nest, aired in March 2020 and follows a couple, Dan (Martin Compston) and Emily (Sophie Rundle), who, struggling to conceive, are confronted by a mysterious 18-year-old, Kaya (Mirren Mack), who offers to be their surrogate mother.

Overall Season Rating:

The Nest has had me gripped like no other series so far this year. Whilst you know that things aren’t going to go well from the beginning, the dark places that this series goes to are completely unexpected.

The story not only shows a more sensitive yearning for a woman’s need to have a child of her own, but also the grittier, more conflicting sides to human nature of how money can make you feel untouchable, how secrets can eat away at you, and the desperate lengths that we go to for the ones we love.

Whilst the main story at the centre of this series isn’t too outlandish and feels very humane at times, there is a lot going on. I just wish there wasn’t so much story around Dan’s work and dodgy dealings. Although this helped to show the true cost of buying whatever you want, it often distracted you away from the more intriguing elements of the plot, and I don’t think it added anything overall. I would have much preferred to learn more about Kara earlier on and see a better focus on the childcare system which sees some unanswered questions.

Everybody puts on a good show with Mirren Mack’s raw performance, especially, keeping you on your toes and making you want to see more. But, most of all, it’s great to see Martin Compston in a series outside of Line of Duty. He’s definitely going to become a highly sought-out actor after this.

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