TV Review: The Sister (ITV) – Season One

Directed by Niall MacCormick and adapted by Neil Cross from his own novel, Burial, The Sister is a four-part series that aired on ITV in October 2020. It follows the character of Nathan (Russell Tovey) when, almost a decade into his new devoted married life, is rocked to the core when an unwelcome face from the past, Bob (Bertie Carvel), turns up on his doorstep with shocking news.


An intriguing new thriller with a paranormal twist, The Sister may have lost your interest if it were a longer series spread out in weekly episodes, but as a four-part series that was shown throughout a week, the quick pace and decent performances were enough to keep you watching.

The female cast – Nina Toussaint-White, Amrita Acharia and Simone Ashley – are amazing while Bertie Carvel is brilliantly creepy. Undeniably, it’s Russell Tovey who steals the show, though. I’ve always been a huge fan of his so I love it when he gets a big role in something, so I was incredibly excited to see him lead this one. He plays his character perfectly, showing his guilt and torment in a realistic way and forcing you to question, “What would I do?”.

While many people seem to be disappointed in how the series ended, I think that it was a believable conclusion, with Tovey’s genuine performance reflecting on this straightforward approach. There were certainly a few things that didn’t sit right, but I think that the most important thing was that the supernatural element was handled well. It could have been pushed just a little more in an attempt to convince us of a ghostly presence to really impress, but it didn’t come off gimmicky which is what counts the most.

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