Gerard Butler to Star in ‘Olympus Has Fallen’

(Written for BritScene)

Scottish actor Gerard Butler has signed to star in Olympus Has Fallen at Millennium Films, an action film described as “Die Hard” in the White House, reports have confirmed.

Written by newcomers Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt, the film follows a down-on-his-luck ex-Secret Service agent who becomes America’s only hope when 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is taken over by terrorists.

The film will be produced by Butler and his manager Alan Siegel with Millennium president Mark Gill, while Avi Lerner will executive produce with Trevor Short.

Also set to replace Eric Bana in the diamond-heist thriller Brilliant, the 300 star has recently completed filming for the biographical film Of Men and Mavericks and the romantic sports comedy Playing the Field. He is now also set to star in Antoine Fuqua’s Hunter Killer, the 3D motion-capture war movie Thunder Run, and a fact-based mercenary pic for director Ridley Scott.

Filming for Olympus Has Fallen is scheduled to start in September.

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